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Amelia Earhart Experts?

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2020 Amelia Earhart Vision
Amelia Earhart Pundits?
By Tod Swindell


Richard Gillespie of Tighar,
'knows what happened'


Elgen Long of 'Nauticos'
says, 'mystery solved.'


Mike Campbell says he
knows, 'the truth at last.'


Richard Martini of
"Earhart's Electra",
'has the answer.'


Australia's David Billings:
my evidence, 'adds up.'

'Heard some things about Amelia Earhart? 'Been hearing or reading different stories about what happened to her in recent times?
There are some smart people out there who for years have been pontificating about what happened to Amelia in 1937. While they've long claimed to be experts, or 'pundits' on the subject matter of Amelia's disappearance, they've never managed to agree with each other about the outcome of her world flight.
Where a person took the time to study any of their differing claims, he or she might have concluded one of the following on what happened to Amelia Earhart:

1.) Words that said she ended up being eaten by giant crabs on a deserted island far south of the equator.
2.) Words that said she proved herself to be an inadequate pilot and a poor radio operator who deep-sixed into the ocean.
3.) Words that said she was executed by angry Nipponese soldiers because she did something bad.
4.) Words that said she was a victim of medical neglect who was left to die of a dysentery-like illness.

5.) Words that said she flew back to New Guinea and crashed and died close to it.

Take heart in knowing, none of the above "words" were ever true.
Today, reality tells us this: Fifty-years ago we were all made to look like fools when we did not recognize the truth about what eventually became of Amelia Earhart, even after her stayin' alive person stood right in front of us.
When it came to the truth about Amelia Earhart after that, we managed to ignore it ever since. A sort of, 'turning a blind eye toward it' kind of thing.

Sooner or later, like a sunrise that won't be held back, truth brilliantly rises. That is a universal law.
And this is what the new millennium Irene-Amelia forensic analysis did. In an obvious manner it delivered the truth about Amelia Earhart further being known as 'Irene O'Crowley Craigmile' coming out of the World War Two era.
Now we all don't have to look like 'Earhart fools' anymore.

Welcome to the real, obvious going forward, one-truth-only-world when it comes to what became of... Amelia Earhart.


Senator Hiram Bingham
& Amelia Earhart


In 1977, distiguished and proud,
above is the former Amelia Earhart
as the post-World War Two only,
Irene O'Crowley Craigmile-Bolam.

Some would like to be able to prove that the prominent looking person above did not used to be known as Amelia Earhart. Except they will never be able to do such a thing. The reason? Because that is who the person above used to be. Because that is the truth.



Amelia Earhart combined with her
future self, the post-war only Irene.


Amelia as Irene at her 1970 press
conference. After being called out
against her will, she saw no other
choice but to deny her true past, a
denial the national press circuit,
that she, "handled like an old pro",
decided to honor without question.

Below, Amelia's eyes up close:


Below, 1946, the post-war only Irene O'Crowley Craigmile's eyes up close:


Below, Amelia's and the post-war only Irene's eyes combined:


About truth:
"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." Arthur Schopenhauer

On preventing the discovery of truth:
"The discovery of truth is prevented most effectively by preconcieved opinion and prejudice." Arthur Schopenhauer


Jean M. Case, Chairman of the
Board of National Geographic


Lonnie G. Bunch III, Secretary 
of the Smithsonian Institution

To Jean M. Case, Lonnie G. Bunch III, Amy Kleppner, Grace McGuire, Larry Heller, Dr. Tom Crouch, Dorothy Cochrane, Dr. Kurt Campbell, Robert Ballard, and the above pundits:
Beauty is truth, truth beauty,
that is all ye know on earth,
and all ye need to know.



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About The Swindell Study
The Swindell Study [1997-2020; copyright registrations: TXu 1-915-926 & TXu 2-061-539] is an Investigative Journalist's forensic research evaluation combined with a human comparison analysis. The Study was orchestrated and chiefly executed by Tod Swindell, an independent researcher who developed a consuming interest in the facts attributed to Amelia Earhart's disappearance and missing person case. The complete Study consists of over ten-thousand pages and features rare documents, analytical text, photographs, comparisons, maps, charts, and past-obscured but again revisited investigative research findings. The condensed MSS features 415 total pages; 110 of which contain logistical and visual elements drawn from the 'Amelia to Irene' Comparison Analysis. The Study elaborates on--and plainly exhibits Amelia Earhart's ongoing existence after World War Two with the re-purposed name of, 'Irene O'Crowley Craigmile.' (Surname of 'Bolam' added in 1958.) It also examined the post-war reasoning that left the general public out of the loop of Amelia's ongoing existence with a different name. Simply put, Amelia Earhart was declared 'dead in absentia' in 1939, and the intention after the war, as co-endorsed by the former Amelia Earhart herself and her only sibling, her sister, Muriel, was for it to always remain that way. The complete Study is available for review on a selective basis.
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